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  • Bionx Battery Replacement

    I bought a used Bionx 250W NiMH kit, the kit worked but the battery would not take much charge, 6yrs old. I have replaced the battery pack, fully charged the battery pack, but the console will not turn on. I reopened the box and there is power to the board, the fuse is good and power is getting past it. Any ideas on the possible problem?

    Help with Currie Throttle connecting to Currie Controller

    I am trying to connect a Currie throttle to a Currie controller for an electric scooter. The throttle has 3 wires, red, green, yellow. The controller has 6 wires, red, yellow, green, blue, black, and purple. I was told that I could wire this 3 wire throttle to the 6 wire controller but I don't know what color of wires should be connected from the throttle to the controller. Can someone help? I need to get a scooter running right away for my grandkids. Thanks for any help offered. See photo


    My charger for my gio bike 500 is cooked! Don't know how. Where can I find a new one?

    Lepton Oxygen scooter repair

    Hi All,

    Does any one have any experience repairing a Lepton Oxygen scooter that is displaying a error code of 11 and/or 12? Any advice would be greatly appreciate.


    gio bike scooter

    just had gio ebike scooter had it as faulty its got no power will this be batteries or control box
    any help please???????? thanks

    48V to 24V converter

    Current Logic now has a new converter add to non-isolated dc-dc converter family.

    48v to 24v converter. This dc-dc converter step down a input of 42-56VDC to 24V output. Like other non-isolated converters from current logic, this switching mode converter have 90%+ effeciency and waterproof casing. Robust and clean design of this module help users to easily plug into their applications.

    This 48V to 24V converter has 2 main version:
    5 Amp output, 120W
    10 Amp output, 240W

    The 240W module uses more advanced technique and achieve near 95%+ effeciency. Which might be the smallest waterproof converters with such in/out params. Welcome to visit our site to find more info: dc-dc converter

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    New 20inch folding bike from BTN

    The new 20inch bike with white color, are you intrested in? looking for partner now



    welcome to contact us

    Batteries and charger

    Where can I get a good 48v/20ah charger that shuts off atomatically? Will get a new set a batteries. Last set cooked because the stock charger with my XB-600 did not shut off when charg was done. Any ideas wher I can get both? Thanks for info.

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